Closed: FS: Teac NT-505 Streamer/DAC/Pre/Headphone amp
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Selling a great multi-function Streamer/DAC/Pre/Headphone Amp. I have moved to 3 different all-in-ones that also include amps, so this has been extra for a few months. Was thinking to hold onto it and use with some active speakers, but no more room. And my wife doesn't want any more equipment to invade the home :smile:

Features are tremendous and plentiful, I think this gets a lot of trickle-down tech from Esoteric - info from the web site (more detail about each there):
* Hi-Res audio playback supporting DSD512 and PCM 768kHz/32-bit
* Dual monaural circuit design with a high-end AKM VERITA AK4497 DAC on each channel
* Supports MQA decoding
* Supports Spotify, TIDAL, and Qobuz music subscription services
* Roon Ready
* DSD128 (5.6MHz) and PCM 192kHz/24-bit Network streaming from NAS/PC
* 5 types of PCM digital filters and 2 types of DSD digital filters
* Up-conversion up to 24.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM
* Dual on-board clocks for 44.1kHz and 48kHz frequencies, and 10MHz external clock input (hint: there are some nice inexpensive external 10MHz clocks on eBay, much less than the Teac model)
* Bluetooth® receiver supporting LDAC™ and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD
* TEAC-HCLD output buffer circuit and TEAC-QVCS volume control for high quality sound
* Dual toroidal-core power transformers
* Digital Isolator for separated digital and Analog sections
* 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo TRS(or TRRS) jack supporting ground-separate drive
* "Bulk Pet" USB transferring technology with four transfer modes for various sound characters
* USB audio port for Hi-Res audio input from Windows/Mac
* Coaxial and optical digital inputs on both front and back
* Front USB port supporting Hi-Res playback from USB flash drive
* Analog outputs with balanced XLR and conventional unbalanced RCA outputs
* High-contrast full-graphic organic EL display with dimmer
* Full-metal body with an A4-sized footprint
* Free TEAC HR Audio Player for DSD512 and PCM32/768 playback
* Free TEAC HR Streamer app for iOS/Android devices (also works with the Lumin app; I never tried, but have read that in several places)

This is really a fantastic unit, as a DAC or streamer. I used it briefly with a Power Amp, but also with an ecp amp driving Focal Clear's; just a really great unit! I even tried it using its own headphone output, actually quite nice as well. Comes with unit itself, power cord, manual, unused remote control, and a small RCA to 1/8" optical coax adapter cable.

My price includes ConUS insured shipping and PayPal fees. Don't need anything in trade, still should get rid of a few more things....

Last note: front pic shows carpet fiber on volume control, not a scratch. Apologies for missing that before putting it in the box to be ready to ship.


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