Sold: Fostex TH900Mk2 Brilliant Purple
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WTS-WTT [US-HI] Fostex TH900Mk2 Brilliant Purple limited edition.
$1250 OBO Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.

Everything stock is included along with a pair of dekoni attenuation rings, and th610 pads. The last picture is closer to the color they look in person. Open to trades, just let me know what you got.
Listed by: UltimaVZekken (12)
Listed: 2022-07-05
Last edited: 2022-07-21
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100+ Head-Fier
Any interest in an Audeze LCD-X purchased new last fall?


New Head-Fier
UVZ, I have a pair in mind. Take a look on here and look up Kennerton Magister. There pretty rare and well respected on here. I bought them during my discovery period and may have 30 minutes worth of listening on them from me. I'm a Fostex Bass head, these are more monitor sounding with no coloration other wise i have a ton that hang on my wall. let me know.