Closed: Fostex TH-900 Mk1 with Lawton Cups
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For sale is a Fostex TH-900 modified with Lawton Cups (Golden Chechen). The TH-900 was modded by Bonddam with dynamat, and he did a great job taming the treble while maintaining the fun factor. To my ears, the mods made the tonality more balanced as opposed to OG's V-shape. Reason for selling is that I am moving to high impedance headphones to pair with my OTL.

The cable is hard wired, and was replaced with Mogami cable with 4-pin XLR connector. Included are the headphones, 2x extra sets of Dekoni pads, and original box/packaging.

The headphones sound great. No channel imbalance or distortion. No blemishes that I can see on the cups or anywhere else. Headband and pads are in great condition. Rated "good" given age of the headphone (i.e., Mk1).

Shipping and paypal included in asking price. I can reduce price if paid via F&F, and prefer local sale in Los Angeles area.
Listed by: BoyNamedSue (49)
Listed: 2022-07-10
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New Head-Fier
This is a hell of a deal, wish I was in the market for a new set of cans! O_O