Sold: For Sale: Astell & Kern AK240 or Trade for LCD-2
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The transition to fully working from home has eliminated the need for my AK240.

Purchased from another Head-Fi member in 2014 or so. Used fairly regularly since then, although it stayed almost exclusively at my desk in the office. That being said, it does look its age.

As with most AK240s, the volume knob can be finicky. It works, you just have to turn it a little more than you typically would expect, or use the touch screen.

Comes with a custom-fitted Pelican Case with space for IEMS, the original packaging, original Italian leather case, a spare screen protector, and an additional 128 GB SD Card.

Ships free.

The only trade I am considering is a LCD-2 Classic or ideally, a rosewood LCD-2 with fazors, will pay for the difference if appropriate.
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Listed: 2021-09-27
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any pics of unit out of case?
This is illustrated in photo 2 and 3, the back of the outside is carbon fiber. The case is leather.