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Just got laid off, need to sell off excess gear in case I'm out of work long. This isn't a fire sale though, don't make ridiculous lowball offers please. And it goes without saying, no trades please.

Got an excellent condition Focal Clear OG for sale. I'm the original owner. Comes with all stock accessories and box. The knit headband cover does NOT come with it, as in taking it off to photograph the headband underneath, I tore the stupid thing. But they're super cheap on Amazon if you have a burning desire for one. That's where mine came from. I used it from the day I got the headphones, this is the first time off. The headband has no noticeable darkening, but the earpads have a small amount. This is common to the grey focal pads, but if you're bothered by it, it's there, take note. The stock cables were never used, I have an aftermarket cable I use on all my Focals.

I'll cover fees and fully insured shipping. CONUS Shipping only.

Due to the value signature delivery will be required. I know, pain in the butt, but it protects us both.

Only selling to members with positive feedback here, sorry.
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Listed: 2022-01-29
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500+ Head-Fier


500+ Head-Fier