Sold: Focal Celestee Complete
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Focal Celestee Headphones - $499 - MSRP $999

Grading Scale Explanation

  • 1-5 scale with 1 being poor condition (for parts only and you won’t find anything of this grade here from me) and a 5 being Brand New Sealed in Box.
  • 2 being Fair condition meaning it works but will could have an issue with workmanship or exterior condition of significance.
  • 3 being Good condition, price will be reflective of this condition, but device should work without any issues might not have original packaging or all accessories - details in listing of course.
  • 4 being Excellent condition, meaning it will have accessories, packaging, works like new, and presents as excellent condition.
All Prices are inclusive of PP GS Fees and shipping in the continental USA - for Fee Free payment services I am negotiable on price a bit more.

Grade 4
-Great Condition Complete with OEM cables, packaging, and accessories. I am not the original owner. I traded for these and enjoyed them for a few weeks. They are complete and ready to go, please see pictures for details but the only thing I can see to mention is a tiny mark on the Right Driver Cup, please see photo 3 below.

Price is inclusive of fees and FedEx shipping in the USA.

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Listed: 2022-11-29
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