Flux Volot
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For sale is a flux labs Volot amplifier in excellent condition, there’s only one tiny mark on the unit that’s almost impossible to see, but I circled it in red anyways. Another mark is present on the remote control, also circled in red; everything else that appears to be a scratch or mark is simply dust. The unit was purchased in December 2021 (brand new back then, I’m the first owner) but was only used a few times in my setup, as I mostly used my other amps. I’d estimate around 10 hours total on this amp, so it’s not even burned in yet. I’m not sure if I can find the original packaging in my storage unit, but either way I’ll be sure to pack it very securely.

Thanks for looking!
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Listed: 2022-08-09
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New Head-Fier
I've been waiting for literally months for one of these to pop up on the used market, and now that it does...I don't have the budget to by this at the moment. Ahhhhhh fml!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

Seriously, this is a really special amp--best of luck with the sale!!


500+ Head-Fier


100+ Head-Fier