Closed: Final Audio Make 1 In Ear Monitor- From Japan Rare- Used Good
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Original Owner--selling because I just do not use too much---using wireless mostly these days---very rare--HIGH quality--YOU can design the sound signature-
3 Balanced armature driver-----very rare-Final audio----incredible high quality---READ this link--FULL explanation-----

Due to the nature of the highly polished silver finish-- a little scuffed up---but one could polish it up nicely----

Missing plastic ear hooks ( which are useless btw) Filter A-4 and A-8 ( just double up filters to make up-) and did not include
Final Audio E series ・Earpiece TYPE-E 5 sizes
Comes in 5 sizes – SS/S/M/L/LL--for sanitary reasons--you can purchase from amazon for $ 20-----

Original Box---Final Carrying Case--Final Cable--tweezers--tools--ect-----just missing---ear hooks filters a-4, a-8 and type e ear pieces--I have them but as stated--for sanitary reasons--buyer would be better to purchases new from amazon or audio 46 for $ 15--new

I have an email into Final Audio to see if it is possible to get the missing filters--which are just tiny little circular pieces of paper ( just double up existing filters if nec.)

Any questions--please ask!

Final Audio website link---in depth overview
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Listed: 2021-10-18
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