Closed: Feliks euforia EVO 3 moths old
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1,999.00 EUR
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We are talking about the last model from feliks.
Hook any Zmf or dynamic hp and you will here what manifacturer wanted you to hear.
From semn 650 to 800s,from atticus (best slamming mid bass i have ever Heard) to atrium..
Also it is one of the desktop rig best assembled i seen
It is simply Perfect and Perfect sounding. Not like life. I need cash. Can provide original box and document. I think i have spent 100 hours on this beauty because i dont have space in my living room. Had to use it in my bedroom :frowning2:
In my situation is wasted. I tried also grado(they sound good), elite (non good as i espexted, elite is better with ss imho), my favourite seller says it is Wonder with caldera.. But i wont have that money until nex year probably. I dont like law balls. We can split spedition and fees if you want to. Waste money. I have several feeds. Thank you all.
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Listed: 2023-04-19
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Headphoneus Supremus
Final Audio also felt the D8000 Pro LTD paired incredibly well with this. GLWS


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