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Selling my rare vintage Grado RS1.

The first and probably the best wooden Grado ever. Yes, with that magic sound.

This unit is a truly exceptional one. During 2 decades I owned many RS1 and this has been « The Keeper ». Because it simply sounded better than all its siblings.

Pure honey for the ears… and for the eyes too :) .

This fantastic headphone is *at least* on par with the current Grado TOTL, the GS 3000. I actually liked much more this RS1 when I had the opportunity to compare them side by side (and don’t get me wrong, I consider the GS3000 as being a fantastic headphone!). Actually, to my ears, only the PS1 was better (or should I rather say « different ») than this early production RS1.

Check my feedback (both links!) and buy with confidence.

Trades possible… depending on what you have to offer.

My Feedback:


… and also here:
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As a point of fact these appear to be second or third iteration early grado rs1 as the earliest examples had tan or brown headband leather and pink drivers

My humble apologies if I am found to be incorrect

What is true these will sound vastly superior to later rs1's
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What makes these different from the other RS1's I see selling for like 650.00 on headfi, thank you

As said in the description: the truly EXCEPTiONAL sound.

As Grado aficionados know, the quality of the RS1 was far from « linear », both in terms of sound and (more obvious) aesthetics (lacquer, wood work etc.). Well this is the best pair I ever saw and listened to.
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I did indeed describe them as « The Keepers » 🙂. They are, by far, the best RS1 pair I ever listened to (actually the best Grados that touched my ears, except the PS1 which I liked a little bit more because of its « different flavour », it depends on the taste and on the mood). But now I don’t need the RS1 anymore, so I am selling them.
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