Sold: Empire Ears Zeus XR-ADEL
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I have a very rare item here. Not really sure how many of these are still around. These are the universal version.

It’s pretty much EE’s final IEM to incorporate the ADEL system which is the granddaddy of the APEX and ATOM modules from 64 Audio and FiR Audio respectively. I think it’s also EE’s only IEM that has switch to go from the usual Zeus XIV (down) tuning and the Zeus R tuning (up).

I still do enjoy these a lot as the mids are still one of the best in the market.

The IEMs alone with the orange ADEL Module is 1200USD
Stormbreaker at 550USD
Apex Modules 75USD each

I’m including the Empire Ears X PW Audio Stormbreaker which is the same as the 2-wire 1960s in 2.5mm. And on top of that it also comes with the solid Orange ADEL module, and the M20 & M15 APEX modules for an overall price of 1900USD

The cable is sold usually around 600USD and the APEX modules are 99USD new each. I say it’s a pretty competitive price.

Shipping within Canada is on me, everywhere else is on the buyer.

I’ll most likely add more photos later on.
Listed by: riverground (20)
Listed: 2022-02-04
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