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After a long and hard descision I have decided to keep my MMR Thummim in favour of the EE Odin.

Both IEM are amazing - truly amazing. However, for my listening habbits I find myself not using the Odin as often the MMR Thummim. The Odin will always be king of detail in this battle and will would always amaze me when I call for that particular presentation. The Thummim are more than capable of the task I require for my daily needs so decided to keep these instead of the Odin.

I bough these on the 07/04/21 from Audiologica Ltd in the UK. I paid £3,399 for these. They are just over 1 month old. They are mint with about 22 hours on them.

(**Edited** to add photos and to add another 2 hours of listening time on them)
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Listed: 2021-05-22
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