Closed: EE Legend X Special Edition (6m old, 2.5mm Cleopatra cable)
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Hi! I'd like to trade my EE Legend X Special Edition with the 2.5mm Cleopatra Cable. It is still one of the best IEMs out there, but I do prefer the Odin for classical music (but the LXSE is the better choice for rock/Electronica etc.).

The EE LXSE was priced 2599,- and I bought it July 2021. It is in mint condition and is still under warranty (bought at Bloom Audio: It comes with original box, accessories etc.

I'd like to trade it with an item priced similar to the LXSE. In case the item offer to trade is very pricey, I will top up. Please, let's be adults and do only offer realistic deals. I am interested in IEMs, and in special circumstances totl amps or DAPs.

Thanks, and merry Xmas to all!

Listed by: Hoegaardener70 (55)
Listed: 2021-12-24
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