Sold: Early Production Audeze LCD-3 Fazor
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Looking to clear out some gear that isn’t getting enough use. Prices include shipping and paypal fees. CONUS only

Early production of the Fazor Unit LCD-3 in excellent original condition. These are the first production Fazor units (Serial 27xxx) which sit at a unique spot in Audeze's driver production. They retain the older smooth driver sound with improved imaging and sound stage brought byt the fazor units. None of the wonky highs of the newer units.

The wood cups on these are bit different from the usual Zebrawood. There's a golden cast to them that I think shows up in the pictures. They're in very good condition considering the age. Original leather pads are on them. There's a few small marks on the cups.

Comes with stock 1/4" Terminated cable and will be shipped in a hard shell case.
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Listed: 2022-12-04
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100+ Head-Fier
Can anyone explain why my 261 version of LCD-3 has fazors but it still have sound like a pre-fazor version with darker, warm, intimate, fascinating sound?
I have another 271 version and it sounds more analytically with more highs and without magic tonality as in 261 version. Maybe old softer pads does matter?