Closed: Dunu DK-3001 Pro
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I'am selling my Dunu DK-3001 Pro. The IEMs themselves are a replacement pair for my damaged ones from AdvancedMP3Player (official Dunu retailer), as a result they are in pristine (new) condition.

All of the original accessories are also included (but are not new), apart from one pair of SpinFits and one pair of Dunu's custom ear tips, which will not be included, as they have been used.

Shipping is set at £8.85 for UK delivery, paid by the buyer.

This item is listed on eBay and it would be my preferred way of selling these, because it is a safer method of selling for both me the seller and any potential buyer. Here is the link, and also more photos:

International shipping is possible, please contact me if interested.

Thank you for your interest
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Listed: 2021-05-24
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