Sold: Dan Clark Ether 2
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2nd owner. The headphones are in perfect condition. Comes with three pairs of ear pads and VIVO XLR cable. Give it 8/10 only because missing exterior box (will provide a sennheiser box).

I am also selling a nice sliver/copper cable for $200.

Relisting it because the buyer canceled the transaction (He was looking for a pair with single ended cable)
Listed by: qiujiaheng (4)
Listed: 2021-04-25
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I never agreed to sell it to you while I made it super clear there’s another buyer interested in it and I have to decide between you two in my very PM. Sorry for having confused you and wish you good luck. There’s always a good deal here on head-fi, just like the $900 ether 2 today :)
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Yes you did, there was no confusion. I even agreed to cover shipping, which wasn’t even in your listing. But it’s yours to sell. It’s just not good business here, that’s all.


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Theres no such thing that you are first in. You are not even the first offer I received today. The first message you sent me is this: “Hey, I’m interested, these come with stock, perforated and suede pads?”, while the buyer sent me : “ If these are still available, I will take them. Thanks.” . To decide who I would like to do busines, I asked the same question to both of you regarding buyer to cover the shipping, but unfortunately you interpreted it as a counter offer. Yes it’s my sale and I reserve the right to sell to anyone.
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