Sold: Custom cable for Sennheiser HD5xx or Audio-Technica ATH-Mx0X series headphones (EU)
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I am selling a custom cable for Sennheiser HD5xx or Audio-Technica ATH-Mx0X series headphones made by a local cable maker for me.
It is a 3-wire braided cable made of 3 22AWG (thiccc) OFC wires from Italian Tasker with a conductor resistance of 5.8Ohm/100m, terminated with 3.5mm jack incl. 6.3mm jack adapter, 1.5m in length. Soft and flexible.

I purchased it for a pair of HD560S, however before I got it I have decided to sell them, but the guy who bought them is a maniac and he didn't want it (although I understand, it is 1/4 of the headphones' price, although it is more a necessity, that stock cable is a mess).
Listing price includes PP fees and shipping across the Europe!

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Listed: 2021-05-28
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Do you know if this would fit the original Sennheiser Momentum?
Apologies for a late reply (I probably disabled email notifications in the past). I looked at some photos online and plug size is correct, however I see the original was 4-pole, which makes me question what was the exact pinout. If it was L+, R+ and L-, R-, then this would work as this one is L+, R+ and LR- .