Closed: Chord Hugo TT2 (Black, Like New)
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Excellent/Like new
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  1. United States of America
Selling my trusted TT2, in perfect condition. I will include a XLR out to 4pin headphone adapter so it's ready to drive your Susvara, if needed. This is a fantastic high end combination for headphone listening.

I have all the original factory packaging and it will ship like new. This was purchased brand new in 2020 by me so I am the first owner and there's plenty of the 3 year warranty remaining. I am selling this to be able to purchase a nice big OLED TV for the family living room.

I'm a trusted head-fi member and have plenty of perfect trade feedback on this site. Price is all inclusive, fees and shipping to USA included.

M Scaler is listed in a separate post!


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Listed: 2022-02-13
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Would you sell them separately?


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