Traded: CFA Andromeda Snow White + DUNU DUW02 $650
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For sale are a pair of Andromeda Snow White LE IEMs from Campfire Audio. They are the 2019 Andromeda variant with the original treble sparkle, and are considered a slightly different flavor from the current 2020 lineup. They're very neutral IEMs with some treble sparkle, and have exceptional staging and imaging for IEMs - beating out many low-end headphones, including the Sennheiser HD6x0 series.

This pair is somewhat used but in still good condition, with some edges missing the cerakote coating. They are otherwise in great shape and sound perfectly fine. They're currently connected to the DUNU DUW02, probably the best value IEM cable on the market. I will also include the original (albeit yellowing) smoky litz cable.

Included are the IEMs, carry case, box+papers, unused tips, and both cables.

Open to offers! This is cross-posted to reddit as well.
Listed by: chocolates (3)
Listed: 2021-10-11
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