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Hey folks, I'm selling off my Cayin N8. I bought this used. It's got some wear, but the screen is clean and bright, without any scratches, the buttons and knobs are perfect as are the ports. It's a great working player.

The Good:
Comes with the full set of Cayin adapters! Original box.
Great DAC/AMP, my favorite DAP. I use it even more than the SP1000. It holds charge better and it has a tube stage that sounds wonderful, taking the edge off of balanced armature IEMs that push a bit harsh. Very flexible gain settings. Low power or high power, then you have three gain stages for each power setting. You can really match the headphone you're driving. Super easy to load up with files, much easier than the AK. Bluetooth mode is a dream. Non-smoking environment.

The Bad:
The leather outer slipcase is trashed. It needs to be replaced. I never used it, I bought a softer case that covered the entire unit. I will throw that in for free if you are interested. There's some wear along the edges that a black Sharpie becomes your best friend. This is a common issue with the N8. The undercoat is gold and as the outer black wears, the gold beneath bleeds through.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping costs have TRIPLED with the fuel costs rising.

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Listed: 2022-02-22
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