Sold: Blur Beautiful Witch '美魔女' aPs 300ohm 2.5mm earbud
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I'm hoping to move these buds to a new home. It's one of 3 Blur models I currently have, and it's close enough to another that I can't justify keeping them all. I find this model to have excellent tonality and timbre and fantastic transparency - tons of detail, and a mid-forward signature.

I've driven this Beautiful Witch with more mobile sources/amps (ES100, Q5K, little Fiio amps) and it sounds great, and it also paired very nicely in a smaller and full sized desktop rigs.

Take your pick of the accessories, as I've gotten a different set with each Blur bud I currently have. I can throw in some of the unused foams that came with them, if interested.
Listed by: SolaVirtus (16)
Listed: 2022-01-15
Last edited: 2022-02-14
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