Sold: BEL E88CC / 6922 Philips SQ Design - Platinum Grade with Cryo - NOS Tubes Pair
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I purchased these matched, platinum grade, cryo-treated tubes from Upscale Audio. I never used them after receiving them. :frowning2: Selling the preamp I intended to use them in, so I don't need them anymore.

Labeled as E88CC / 6922. These are cross compatible with PCC88 / 7DJ8 / 6922 / 6DJ8 / 7308

Pics show the measurements taken by Upscale Audio.

These look like they are getting hard to find. Upscale is out of them. I paid $234 + shipping direct from Upscale Audio. Asking $220 all in. Not looking for trades. Thanks!

Payment by PayPal. No extra charge for fees. Shipping included in asking price.

Info that used to be on the Upscale Audio website, before they sold out of these:

BEL Philips SQ design 6922/E88CC – Wow! This is a special day. One of my favorite 6922’s is the 1960’s vintage Philips made 6922’s. Made in Holland, on a rare occasion you may find one branded Amperex or Mullard, but made in the Heerlen plant. We have them here on the website, and they are pretty expensive.

There was a factory in India named BEL that made the exact same tubes as the tubes made in Heerlen. I have some here now in the 12AU7 section, and in the past had them in the 12AX7 section. 12AX7 tubes made in India for $275 each. So you get the idea they have made some heady stuff. But never had them in 6922’s. They made them, but I could NEVER find them until now. The internal parts are 100% exactly the same as the 6922 Heerlen, and they sound the same. I might even suspect that all they did was assemble Dutch parts at BEL.

The sound? Fabulous. The top end is extended, so if you need more air on top this is perfect for you. And because it has more air on top, the cues that create a sense of space in a room will be present. Wonderful, powerful bass. Quiet too. So this tube is good for somebody that is looking for more “air” on top
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