Sold: Bargain Basement portable USB DAC/AMP dongles - all sealed - iBasso,THX, Helm, AK, Shanling, Hiby. L&P, Moondrop
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Clear-out of never used USB dongles - all sealed (DC04 below noted seal broken). Only ship within USA.

Dongles listed - multiple purchases preferred further discounts for those based on how many bought. Open to bundle proposals. Also will throw in sealed Venture Electronics Odyssey HD with a bundle of >2

Price for all (my most preferred bundle) - $350 including shipping in CONUS and Paypal charges. (savings from $675 if bought each on its own)

I can provide photos where needed, but they are all sealed, unused, as I bought them. Bought at least a year ago, no recent releases.

ITEM and current Internet new price where availableSALE PRICE (if bought on its own) - includes shipping within COPNUS and Paypal charges
Audirect Hilidac Beam 2 - $149$85
Shanling UA2 (MQA and DSD up to 512k - $85$45
Helm Audio - DB12 AAAMP - $99 from Drop currently
Helm Audio - Bolt dac/amp - $109 (from Amazon)
Hiby WH3 (wireless) - $79 from Hiby
Moondrop Sparks (wireless) - $89 from amazon or apos$40
iBasso DC03 (not Pro) - cannot find price currently, assume new around $40will be included in a bundle >3 for free (one per bundle)
iBasso DC04 - in original box, intial seal removed - ebay $69
will be included in a bundle of > 3 (one per bundle)
Ovidius b1 - $99 from Aliexpress
Luxury and Precision W1 - $199 from hifigo$120
Astell and Kern (AK) PEE51 - $149$80
THX Onyx - $199 from Amazon
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Listed: 2023-02-02
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