Sold: Aune X8 DAC/pre-amp (1st gen.) with extra opamps
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Compact bang for buck and just super fun to experiment with opamps, built-in filters, data cables and power supplies. Kept me significantly longer satisfied than a Schiit Modi+, Modi Multibit, Yulong DA10 and Audio-GD R2R 11. Condition is great and complete with box. There's a small dent on the corner of the front face. 4 (not 6) opamps included:
OPA1656 - LME49720 and stock JRC5532 - OPA2134. The 1656 and 49720 were recently bought from a reputable store for ≈ €25 shipped. Not even 10 hours of use.

If you're in the EU a trade is on the table for roughly same value small desktop speakers.

PM anytime
Listed by: moriez (330)
Listed: 2023-09-05
Last edited: 2023-10-29