Sold: Audio Zenith PMx2 v2 (leather earpads) + Oppo PM-1 leather/metal hardware upgrades
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These got their start back in 2017 as a pair of Audio Zenith PMx2s with "V2" pad updates (the real leather earpads instead of velour), but right before Alex's "final version" PMx2 design was settled on with the silver grills instead of black. I imagine between all the headphones I was rolling before and during those years including a new pair of Utopias, they had maybe 60-80ish or so hours of head time. After I bought my Stellias in mid-2018, I retired the PMx2 to their case where they laid dormant for about half a year.

When I next pulled them out after New Year's in 2019, I noticed the pleather headband was way--not on my watch! With Oppo Digital shuttering their doors, I quickly purchased a set of PM-1 metal hanger covers and a PM-1 leather/meal headband direct from Oppo ($260 in parts; I'll include the invoice if you'd like), upgrading the PMx2 to a PMx1 by replacing all the pleather and plastic bits with metal and real leather--the Audio Zenith-modded sheepskin earpads, dampening, and all other internal mods and voodoo are unchanged as you cannot self-service the pads, earcups or grills after Alex completes his modifications (the trademark rainbow reflective band between the cup and the pad marks his seal).

I probably added another 20 or so hours of listening time after the cosmetics upgrade before getting tapped for a deployment to Kuwait--I didn't return home until the middle of 2020. Add in some family medical drama upon my return from overseas and these headphones haven't logged more than maybe 30 minutes of head-time since June 2020, and I honestly don't see that trend changing any time soon now that I have a set of Empys on board and am still rocking an original set of Oppo PM-1s.

So with this trade, you'll get the upgraded Audio Zenith PMx2 (actually a PMx1 as the drivers were the same between the PM-1 and PM-2, and all the remaining metal and leather hardware from the pricier PM-1s is now on board), the original and still unused Oppo Digital 1m 3.5mm cable (it's the same crappy one they shipped with the PM-1, but it's servicable given how sensitive and easy to drive these cans are), an aftermarket 5ft balanced cable made with Cardas 4x24 wire and a Neutrik XLR connector, the denim Audio Zenith carrying case (note that it's really just an Audio Zenith label hot-glued onto the original Oppo case; like the stickers on the headband hardware, this is one of the few more obvious cost-cutting corners of the Audio Zenith business model), and the original PMx2 headband and hanger covers complete with all the original Audio Zenith sticker goodness--not that I would imagine you'd want to go back to the cracking pleather, but they're there for the sake of completion. I am unsure as to whether you could steam the stickers off and re-apply them if you wanted; personally I'm FAR more partial to the polished metal sheen of the higher quality PM-1 parts anyway.

Condition is closer to EX-/EX than Like-New; but they are definitely better than "Good." I believe in being as transparent a trading partner as possible because I know how disappointed I've been in the past when I've received something that wasn't in the condition I was expecting. I will say that all flaws that I can see with the naked eye are VERY difficult to photograph and are compounded by the fact that dust likes to settle inside the little holes in the grill. On the left grill, there appears to be an almost razor-thin line of grill hole inside edges that are losing a bit of black sheen, it's about 5-6mm long, but it is not a cut or dent in the metal grill. I've tried to highlight this location in the picture. There are a few other small white specs in the grill-work above the line; they may be dust, or they may be a tiny bit of paint fade. On the right grill, there's an ever-so-faint hint of a small pucker in the grill; it's maybe 3mm long and is really only visible if you're looking for it from certain angles under certain lighting conditions...another piece of dust or maybe a single grill hole's paint fade is visible just to the left of the pucker. Aside from those minor cosmetic issues, these headphones still look phenomenal and sound amazing and are one of the most sumptuously comfortable over-the-ear cans I've owned (which is why I'm still keeping a set of PM-1s on hand)--but I simply don't have enough room in the home office for all this gear any more.

Friends and Family PP is always appreciated but not required; I will cover insured shipping in the US and I'll gladly work with you for overseas movement. Please give me a shout out if you have any questions, and thanks for looking.
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Listed: 2021-04-02
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Good question; sorry I didn't cover it in the listing. The OPPO PM-1 and PM-2s (and therefore the Audio Zenith versions of those same cans) were open-backed; only the Oppo PM-3s were closed.
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Hi there; thanks for the note. Honestly, I'm not really looking for trades at the moment; I'm kind of happy with where I've ended up on the head-fi front--I was actually looking to divest myself of a few "extra" items on the shelf that simply weren't seeing any use after I returned home from Kuwait.


New Head-Fier
wow that was a good deal!
I owned a PM-3 in the past, sadly that pleather was a very bad choice, I now own a stock PM-1, I found new for very decent price.
How would you compare the PM-1 and PMX1 sound?