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Hi. This is the 2018 version of the HE-9. It is exactly the same as the current 2019 version except the transformers on the 2019 version can stay on 24/7 whereby the 2018 transformers are preferable to shut off after around 10 hours although Audio-gd told me that no damage would occur if it was left on for 24 hours. Sound is the same as the current version. This is audio-gd's reference headphone amplifier and is respected is one of the best solid state amplifiers on the market.

This is the 230V model...

Retail for the 2019 version is USD 2180 not including Pay pal fees and shipping fees which will result in the amplifier costing around $2,600 or more after all expenses. It is quite large and heavy.

My price includes all fees, shipping, and insurance. The unit is in PERFECT working order. Physically there are some small scratches on the top of the unit and because of this I would rate the physical appearance conservatively at a 7/10. Includes remote and original box.

Shipping by EMS express only...
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Listed: 2022-04-17
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Hi, I supposed this high gain version (with +31db) just as the current version?
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I asked Kingwa if it was worth it to upgrade to the 2022 HE-9 MK2 model.

His response:

Dear Steven,
Compare to the 2018 model, the headphone output improve is not large .
The preamp output in the MK2 model have built in the separate output stages so the sound is improve obvious.
If you most use the headphone listen I think don't need upgrade.
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do you have a step down for US power as well for sale ?