Closed: Audeze CRBN - MINT + Extra set of pads
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Here is your chance to get this incredible headphone for over 50% off. It is in mint condition, comes with original flight case, and includes an extra set of replacement pads for when the time comes.

This was purchased from a very well-respected headfier, who was the first owner but barely used the headphones.

Some of the earlier versions of the CRBN had some electrostatic farting issues, but this one is perfect. Incredible sound.

Buyer pays shipping.

Take a look at my feedback and buy with confidence. I have sold many Staxes, Susvaras, Utopias, HE60s, HE90s, and other expensive headphones. I also have decades of feedback on ebay, usaudiomart, audiogon, etc.

p.s. Not really looking for a trade, but would consider a Raal SR1A + Jotunheim R in the same condition.
Listed by: seacard (80)
Listed: 2023-05-05
Last edited: 2023-05-08
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Headphoneus Supremus
Incredible price. CRBN is a very good headphone despite some issues in the early units. I prefer it to the 009S.


1000+ Head-Fier
Definitely better than the Staxes. I think I prefer the Shangri La, but this has an incredible sound, and a very unusual richness for an electrostatic.


1000+ Head-Fier
Well, guess it turns out the price was not as incredible as I thought, so a huge price drop and a bump.