Closed: ATH-MSR7SE + Bluetooth Adapter
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For sale are the limited-edition ATH-MSR7SE closed back headphones. These come from the same family as the MSR7 and MSR7b but have a more balanced sound signature than either of them, along with a completely different driver. The most striking feature about these headphones, though, is the look - these have a gorgeous metallic navy blue and gold colorway. The sound signature is neutral-bright, with a very slight airy tinge to it, but nothing as sharp as either the MSR7 or MSR7b. It has a surprising control over fine details as well; the driver is tangibly faster than the MSR7 headphone which lets it render piano and vibrato much more convincingly. The better frequency response also makes it a far less fatiguing listening experience than its cousins.

The faux-leather pads have worn somewhat since I've moved; the pads themselves are still quite supple though. Fortunately, the MSR series of headphones has a wide variety of pad replacements in multiple colors, so it's a simple matter to replace. I do find them to be perfectly supple and not at all as worn as the exterior leather implies, but the prices does reflect the condition of the pads.

Included are the headphones, travel case, cables, and an extra bluetooth adapter ($50!) that works beautifully for traveling.

Open to offers or trades!
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Listed: 2021-10-11
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