Closed: Andromeda s with broken right side mmcx
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Hi all, I'm just putting the feelers out on some Andromeda s with a broken right side mmcx , I have already contacted campfire audio a few months back who have quoted me 100 dollars plus postage to replace BOTH mmcx even though only right side faulty , I have email confirmation of this (see pics)
This is definitely the fault as I damaged it myself , I broke the split pin inside on one side ( fell out after poking around to see) so the male pin does not contact continuously properly, other than this they are solid and reasonably good condition , I have put £320 which with the fault is a more than a reasonable offer , comes with box cable and serial/ guarantee card although out of warranty.....I can and Will get these repaired myself if no one is interested but obviously they will be sold at a excellent condition price with brand new mmcx (around £550)
I also have a pure silver fiio 4.4 mmcx cable if interested but will cost a little more on top as IMO these cables are one of the best pound for pound..
If interested at all please contact me for any information .
Strictly PayPal only.
This will also require postage costs plus PayPal fees .
Unfortunately because of it being a faulty item even though very slight I wont accept any returns , I have excellent selling reputation on here so rest assured it is exactly what I have stated , I understand if these terms might not suit everyone so if no interest then in a few months time I will get fixed myself and relist at a higher price.
Thanks and happy hunting.

As stated this is sort of just putting the feelers out , I am neither desperate or in need of a quick buck or quick sale so give me a message if genuinely and sensibly interested..... thanks
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