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For consideration my personal ampsandsound Nautilus. Selling because ZMF is just doing a lot of amps collaborations and this is too amazing of an Amp to not be a centerpiece. Easily the best KT88/el34 amp I've ever heard, and I prefer that timbre generally to the 300b sound for the speed and nimble euphony it imparts to the midrange while filling out the rest of the frequency range.

This unit is well used and with no auditory issues. It has been taken to a few shows and meets and has some marks, mostly on the matte steel colored transformer cover.

Comes with stock tubes and a couple extra sets of baldwin 12au7's.

Comes in the original hardshell case. PayPal fees and shipping are included in the price to the lower 48 states.

Price somewhat negotiable, send me a PM. 7000 Usd asking price.
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Listed: 2022-08-19
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100+ Head-Fier
I just sold mine. My favorite amp that I have heard. Not only favorite headphone amp but also favorite speaker amp for single drivers.
I'm interested in the Red October but I suspect that in the end I'll still prefer the Nautilus.

But I'll be bringing my Hot Cup Summer VOs to your booth at CanJam SoCal to try your other amps out (please bring Airmid!).

Good luck!