Sold: Ampsandsound Kenzie Ovation Rev 1
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I'm selling my Ampsandsound Kenzie Ovation amp, this is the rev 1 version of the amp. At the asking price I'll include several tube sets. Along with an adapter to allow you to use the 12ax7/12au7/12at7 family of tubes as the input tube and a pair of adapters to allow use of 12B4A's as output tubes, these provide about twice the power of the stock 1626 output tubes.

This is a wonderful sounding amp, and is my favorite amp for ZMF headphones. The amp will ship in the oversized pelican style case that it comes with. The amp is quite heavy and the asking price includes fees and ground shipping within the US.

You can find more details on the amp here: - please remember the amp being sold here is the Rev 1 amp and has an octal socket for the input tube. The adapter included however allows the use of the same 9-pin tubes that the Rev 2 supports.
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Listed: 2022-06-03
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