Sold: AmpsandSound Bigger Ben Tube Headphone & Speaker Amplifier
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AmpsandSound Bigger Ben tube amp in excellent condition.

This is the best tube amp I have ever owned. Absolutely phenomenal with any headphone I used with this; everything from Sennheiser HD series to hard to drive planars like the HE6SE, to ZMF Caldera and Eikon. I've used this with sensitive IEMs with great results. With headphone impedance taps from 8 ohms up to 300ohms this is the perfect tube amp if you have a variety of gear.

Sound is extremely defined and powerful, with 8 watts of power. Bass is exceptional and the best I've heard from an amplifier. If it sounds like I'm overstating how great this amp is, visit the headfi threads that discuss it, or visit the multiple reviews. The Bigger Ben is currently $5600 new.

Comes with stock Electro Harmonix rectifier tube and stock JJ KT88 power tubes. In addition I am adding Tung Sol 6L6CG STR tubes (recommended by Justin at ampsandsound) and a nice RCA grey glass JAN Military input tube. Also included is a 6CG7 to 6SN7 adapter, as I found the 6CG7 tubes inexpensive and they sound great. I have additional tubes available, we can discuss substitutes or add ons.

This will come shipped in the original and ENORMOUS seahorse case. The case is very protective and solid. Shipping and paypal are both included in the asking price, which makes this the best priced Bigger Ben seen to date. Please PM any questions.

For potential trades I would be interested in high end solid state amps such as the Silver Fox or Holo Bliss, estat gear such as the Bravura system, stax 717, Susvara, Raal Ca-1a, or a good quality iem. I'm open to offers, please no Daps, Dacs, or other tube amps.

Listed by: DenverW (154)
Listed: 2023-08-20
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Headphoneus Supremus
Beauty! GLWS!


500+ Head-Fier
Great amp! GLWS!


100+ Head-Fier
why do i have to be broke rn i was waiting for one of these to show up on the market glws ;-;
(stares at my holo bliss)
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1000+ Head-Fier
Congrats to the new owner!


New Head-Fier
Dang, I couldn't sell enough in time...


Headphoneus Supremus
I want you to know that in the end this ended up being mine anyway lolol
Awesome! So that means I get your Bliss then, right?!?!