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Altman Tera Player first ED mint condition with 5 128 class 10 SD cards formatted and ready for your music
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Listed: 2021-06-28
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Headphoneus Supremus
I am curious, what's so special about this device?


100+ Head-Fier
Website looks beyond rough mate.
Not mine so can't control it :)
But the player has a really dark background with 0 jitter, 0 over sampling and no digital filters. It make the player sound cleaner then any other digital player.
size: 57 x 57 x 18 mm

weight: 80 grams

case: all aluminum black anodized, laser engraved

front rear plates: 2mm aluminum black anodized, CNC machined

main chip: ARM Cortex, proprietary operating system

DAC: NOS Philips R2R with current output, ASRS element and true 16-bit resolution

oversampling: zero -> no oversampling and no digital filter on the Tera-Player

I/V conversion: Burr-Brown

headphone amplifiers: Burr Brown

oscillators: 2 separate ultra-precision crystal oscillators supplied by Golledge with RMS period jitter spec: 5ps max. and RMS phase jitter spec: 1 ps max

battery: Motorola LI-ION 700mAh

charging: mini-USB port 300mA, monitored by red LED

playtime on single charge: >12h (15h tested with 6 years old battery)

charge time: 2h 80%

Storage: SDHC card slot with 4/8/16 or 32 GB SDHC

currently testing SDXC cards with 64GB and 128GB (SDXC cards must be formatted to FAT32 for use in the Tera-Player,

supported file type: WAV stereo 16-bit and 24-bit. Tera does not support file formats that cripple music (i.e. mp3, DSD, etc.)

Supported sample-rates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 and 192 kHz

headphone outputs: silver plated contacts, 2 separate outputs: teramega and superduper, can be used simultaneously

recommended headphones: Koss Porta-Pro, Kramer mod

navigation: tactile pad with 5 stainless steel buttons, gold plated contactor foil, hand assembled

high quality digital volume control using 32bit calculation​