Sold: ALO Audio Reference 8 IEM Cable MMCX - 3.5m
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ALO Audio Reference 8 Cable in like-new condition MMCX/3.5m Unbalanced IEM Cable

I rarely use anything unbalanced so the cable is as-new.

From the manufacturer :)

The Reference 8 IEM Cable is a true high fidelity earphone cable.
Four high purity silver-plated copper (SXC) conductors combined with four OCC copper conductors in FEP jackets deliver full bodied musicality and fine inner detail to recordings.

The signature cable geometry combined with the durable FEP jacket work together to keep microphonics to a minimum while still delivering great sound quality.
The FEP jacket will also keep the conductors safe from oxidation that is commonly found in many earphone cables.

I work M-F from 8-6, so any purchase will likely get packed the evening of payment and be shipped the following day.

Listed by: Ivabign (185)
Listed: 2023-02-23
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