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Selling my old 64 audio U12t that's been sitting underneath my bed for half a year unused now. The U12t is (or at least was) one of my favorite IEMs, and I'm really only parting with it because I haven't used it in forever and probably never will again. Along with it are a large number of accessories I've accumulated in the last 2-3 years, including:
  • A custom 16 core SPC cable I handpicked for this IEM way back when in the midst of numerous options. Terminated in L-shaped 2pin and 4.4mm.
  • Lots of tips. I'm not entirely sure what's what anymore, but I think it's fair to say that the boxes on the right and center are lots of Sedna stuff and the one on the left is some weird japanese company called Radius that I was messing with for a bit. I don't think I even bought those tips for the U12t but I have no use for them, so they come with it anyways
  • 3 Apex modules, the 2 default plus a custom solid core module with no vent. This is NOT the MX module, and it's also not the solid core module 64 themselves sell, though it's functionally identical.
  • All the standard stuff you'd expect from a U12t, including the stock cable, all the stock tips, case, etc.
Price does not include shipping or Paypal fees. Strongly prefer shipping CONUS as anything else is a major pain for me at the moment.
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Listed: 2022-02-06
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I sent a PM a few days ago. This still available?