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IEMMSRPStreet $, USWhat it does Better Than OthersStrengthsWeaknessesSound SigErgonomics/fitNotesDAP/amp synergyChartReviewsSupporters
EarSonics SM3 (Triple BA)$395$425Most true to life/accurate/realistic music reproduction; dynamics; instrument separation/ presentation; transparencySpeed; detail; very deep bass with ultimate power; great overall space; very resolving; very transparent; liquid presentation Warm, full sound with great space and accurate reproduction the true space and mic locationGreat isolation; Over the ear, monitor style. Deep tips gives better bass, shallow tips more treble. Ony tips included are 2 pair of the same size complyEqual to or better than the other IEMs at everything! Sensitive to recording quality, which can bring out the best or worst of a recordingVery sensitive; easy to drive; you will notice improvements from better DACs  Zeo, averge_joe, KLS
Ortofon e-Q7 (Moving Armature)$429$330Transparency; near perfect overall music presentationBass and mids are top notch, detail and accuracyTreble sometimes not on par with the rest of the spectrum (less smoothness); slightly grainySlightly mid forward presentation; perfectly integrated bass and treble; more treble and less bass than the GR8; similar to the CK10Many report serious fit issues due to size and shape of housing and short nozzleSimilar to the GR8 (per ClieOS, the GR8 and e-Q7 do not have the same driver, but same family of drivers)
Improve with an amp, especially in the treble region
 the search never ends, grokit, Pianist
JVC/Victor FX700 (dynamic)N/A$332Best lower half of the spectrum for a dynamic driverGreat clarity and detail across the spectrum; exceptional bass; very good space and soundstageTreble can seem a bit artificial; vocals in the upper mid region not as natural as some othersSlightly warm with good treble extension and mids that are inline with the rest of the spectrum; enhanced bass and treblePoor isolation; Longer nozzle than the FX500; Easy to wear both over the ear and cables down Easy to drive  James444