Users have up to three things that show on posts and/or in their profile: A badge, and maybe a custom title below their user name and sometimes an award below their signature.


Regular users

- Under the old Head-Fi, they paid a sum to not have to see the advertising for a year, along with other benefits. This tag is now given to made exceptional contributions to the site through reviews, meet organising and helping new members.

The below badges are automatically assigned by the system based on a person's post count:
- 1500 posts.

- 50 posts

Moderation Staff

- Edit users, the front page, forums, wiki/articles and Head Gear as well as being moderators.
- Edit, move and rename threads and deal with issues between members.

Wikia/Huddler Staff

- Wikia/Huddler Dev Team member. These guys handle the technical back-end of the site as well as manage the sponsors.

Members of the Trade

- A top-level sponsor.
Other sponsors have "Sponsor" and the name of their company as a custom title.
Non-sponsor Members of the Trade have "Member of the Trade" or "MOT" and their business name or what they make or sell.

Custom Titles

Some users, for fun, were given custom titles. However, there are two custom titles which are important:
Sponsor - A Member of the Trade who has fewer restrictions as to where or what they can post as a result of paying for sponsorship.
Member of the Trade - A person who has a financial interest of some kind in an audio-related business and is subject to addition rules in the Terms of Service. MOTs cannot post without being tagged so that people are aware of their affiliation. If you find someone clearly from a company posting, please report one of their posts so we can tag them.


Awards are badges of achievement that sit below a person's signature and in their profile. They will be given for things such as attending or exhibiting at Canjam, organising meets and other things that we come up with. A person's cumulative awards will always show in their profile, but usually only the latest award(s) will show in their signature during the period they are relevant so as not to clutter up the forum.

See this thread for more information: