Hello guys Jack from Hisound just provided me with the updated Studio V and Rocoo P/BA firmwares as well as directions. I decided to make a faq page as it will give others the ability to add updated firmwares and such regarding Hisound products in a centralized area.
Update: Guys I'm being told now that there are some compatibility issues with larger files types (FLAC and I'm not sure with WAV) as well as the files not showing up in alphabetical order. So just letting you know. I'm also hearing that you can only load this firmware via Windows XP? I'm not sure I'll give it a try to just see what is going on but that also needs to be addressed because I am able to use the older firmwares on Windows 7.... Anyways if you need to revert back you can use the Hisound firmware thread to acquire the older firmwares for all 3 players. I'm removing the links for now. Once they fix these issues I'll repost the updated firmwares. Sorry.