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Groups Guidelines

By AxelCloris, Aug 9, 2013 | |
  1. AxelCloris
    The purpose of social groups is to allow members more freedom and control over regular discussion with friends or people who share similar interests. However, while members are free to create groups and manage them as they wish, there are some limitations as to how they can be used, depending on the type.

    Quick Guide:
    Groups can be created by anyone who can create classifieds, that is members with 15 posts who have been a member more than one month. If you have just made your 15th post the permission wont activate for a couple of hours.

    Groups are either "open" where anyone can join by clicking on the "Join group" button, or "closed" where clicking on "Join group" will send a special PM to the group owner to get approval. All posts from both types of groups are currently public.

    Members who have joined can be promoted to "Group Lead" or banned from the group on the page listing the group members. Group Leads have the same permission in the group as the founder.


    Firstly, all groups are subject to Head-Fi's Terms of Service.

    Groups are subject to more or less to the same Posting Guidelines as the forums, except that the degree the founder of the group allows discussion to go off-topic is up to them. People are pretty much free to discuss what they like in them, as long as it isn't indecent or illegal. As well as that, being directly rude to people isn't allowed.

    Groups cannot be offensive, in bad taste or used to gang up on people or attempt to railroad particular ideas across the forums or on the site.

    If for whatever reason we find the content of group discussions to be inappropriate or feel the presence or activities of a group are detrimental to the well-being of the community, we may delete the group at our discretion.

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