I have always liked the switchcraft jacks but never used them as they are just too long, I need to make a low profile LOD for an amp I have coming and just did not want to use those neutrik right angle jack as they just look ugly to me so I decided to do something about my right angle switchcrafts by shortening them and here are a couple I done next to the full sized jack.
I will post picture of the LOD once I have made it.

EDIT: Started to make the low profile LOD but i cut the wire too long, I did not want to shorten then the wire and waste the bit I would have to throw away as it does cost about $5 for each 1cm of this cable so instead I made a right angled mini to mini with the modified switchcraft jack. Here's a picture.


you can get the switchcraft much shorter than that with a dremel. the neutrik and oyaide can be made much shorter again. dremel again. with the neutrik, leave the connector all assembled and put it in a vice, dremel through the whole barrel with a cutoff wheel about 3mm from the edge of the thread, throw away the bit you cut off, you are now left with a small ring of barrel that is just the thread, no glue needed. add some epoxy to the solder joints to make it more durable and a small piece of heatshrink for strain relief. make sure to sand the sharp edges first, or it will damage the wire sleeving or insulation when you are threading it over the cable
now to frame some pictures to not show the cable and hopefully stay within the rules. I wonder if they would let me post pics if I made a tutorial to do low profile LODs my way?