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Can I change my user name? Can I delete my account?

By AxelCloris, Mar 4, 2015 | |
  1. AxelCloris
    Can I change my user name?

    Name changes are handled on a case-by-case basis by Head-Fi's administrators, and are generally reserved for extreme circumstances.

    Creating a new account is prohibited and doing so may result in both accounts being banned without warning.

    If we do agree to a user name change, there are some limitations. We can only rename accounts to names that follow these rules, there are no exceptions:
    1. 4-15 characters
    2. The name can contain spaces.
    3. The name must use alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and CANNOT contain punctuation.
    4. The name must not be in use, nor have been used in the past.
    While you may have seen some user names created back when Head-Fi used VBulletin which don't follow this rule, the system will not let us rename accounts outside the above rules. We cannot rename or delete old, unused accounts that have the name you want either.

    Additionally, you will also have "Formerly known as [your old user name]" added to your profile as a custom title. Please make sure to tell us if there is any reason you don't want either of these things (ie: you created a profile with your real name originally).

    Can I delete my account?

    If you wish to leave Head-Fi for whatever reason, the simplest and best thing to do is log out and not visit the site again. We will only, if requested, ban your account and leave a custom title along the lines of "Account disabled by request."
    1. Accounts cannot be deleted. Hard-deleting an account could throw off the discussion in every thread where posts were made.
    2. If you are concerned about what is in your profile, you can remove information from your profile at any time (if your account hasn't been banned). We cannot edit anything that you cannot edit yourself, except your user name (see "Can I change my user name?" above if that is an issue.) Note: If you invalidate your email address your account will likely be banned.
    3. We will not bulk-delete your posts, unless you've made only a handful. Not only that, but posts quoting any posts you made can't be auto-deleted or auto-edited. Screwing up the discussion in dozens of threads because one person wants to blank their history is unfair on everyone else who reads the discussion after the fact. Please do not attempt to blank all of your posts. Bulk-blanking of your posts will likely result in an immediate ban.
    4. Once more: The best thing to do if you want to leave Head-Fi is: Log out and don't come back to the site.
    5. If you do request an account ban then later change your mind and wish to come back, you must use your existing profile. Creating a new profile is prohibited.
    If you really can't help visiting the site but it is causing you issues, we suggest editing your computer's "hosts" file (Google it to find out how) and setting Head-Fi.org and www.Head-Fi.org to so you are unable to visit them at all. Unfortunately you can't do this on iDevices.

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