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Adjusting bias on Stax tube amplifiers

  1. ardilla
    This is is an instruction on how to adjust bias on Stax SRM-006t/SRM-006tII/SRM-006tA/SRM-007t/SRM-007tII amplifiers and more
    Some threads



    Voltage range:



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  1. jazzgene
    Thanks for the info.  I need to bias my SR007tII as the original tubes on the right channel died.  I see in the 007tII, there are TVR3 and TVR4.  I can't find a schematic for this amp and am trying to find out what these trimmers are?  Is setting the DC balance and DC offset with TVR1 and TVR2 enough?
  2. dailydoseofdaly
    Clearly written
  3. Jonathan66100
    Thank You for your tutorial : )