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Amazing sound for the price


Pros: Works with iphones and ipads

Cons: Can't handle 192khz; requires camea connecting kits for use with Apple

I purchased this on Amazon from a vendor that had a combined listing for the older model and newer E07 Andes.  So I received the new model at the old model price and saved about $20.   So that was nice.   But even at $90 this unit is great.  I can use it for getting more volume from the Asus T100 when watching movies on a plane (that was my original reason for buying the machine).  But then I discovered that I can turn my current generation Apple toys until audiophile delivery systems.  Sweet.   I found that a number of apps like nPlayer and VLC will allow internal streaming over the home network of hi res material.  One can also...
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Head-Fi.org › originalsnuffy › Reviews by originalsnuffy