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PS Audio PWD


Pros: Great neutral (Read not typical analytical Bitstream DAC) DAC

Cons: Moderately Expensive

Full featured DAC that comes very close to the performance of cost no object DAC's at a fraction of the price.   If the Network Bridge meets the expectations this will be the DAC for Streaming your Audio from your own Network storage device (NAS, Computer etc.)   Great flexibility. Allows a degree of fine tuning with different SRC settings, or even going Native. Then there's the Filter options, and that it will do anything up to 32/192 (Claimed). I can verify that it sounds marvelous when being fed 24/192   Few DAC's can compete with the PWD on Sound Quality/ Cost basis, throw in the Full Feature Set and I call the PWD a Bargain.
Head-Fi.org › Yikes › Reviews by Yikes