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Cord noise spoils an otherwise midrange headphone


Pros: Clear mids and highs, good range of tips

Cons: Bad cable noise, poor bass extension an impact

Most IEMs are pretty similar, without much to differentiate them. Unfortunately the S3's differentiation point isn't great - the cable noise is some of the worst I've experienced. The low bass is absent and the mid bass that is there doesn't have a lot of impact. The rest of the music sounds pretty good, when the cord noise isn't drowning it out.   All in all my advice is "do not buy".   Disclosure: Brainwavz sent free review samples to HeadphoneReviews for review.

Poor support system means other considerations are irrelevant


Pros: (none)

Cons: Ineffective 3D wing support system means they're not suitable even for home use

I owned the original A900 for many years, it was a fantastic headphone. After it was stolen I ordered the A900X from AudioCubes in Japan, slightly nervous because I'd read of problems with the new 3D wing system.   I was dismayed when the A900X headphones arrived that the widely reported problems with the wing system were true. The only thing holding them to my head (slightly smaller than average) was the low to moderate clamping force, the 3D wing provided no support at all. Sitting entirely still they stayed in place, but as soon as I moved at all in my seat they slid down. Before long they ended up resting on my ears, which is uncomfortable. Putting a rubber band between the...
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