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Pros: It works

Cons: Does so many things wrong

I found this DAC kind of meh. $699 (currently on $669 special) is sort of no-mans land is terms of DACs. It's admirable that Matrix put out something at this price point - especially balanced outputs. In terms of my expectations at $699, I wouldn't expect the utmost resolution, but I would at least want something that doesn't do anything terribly wrong.    The impressions below are from the balanced outputs (I think it's fair that this review focus on that, after all, this is a balanced out DAC.) The amp used was an Eddie Current Balancing Act with 7N7 NU tall bottle driver and EML solid-plate 300Bs. Headphones were HD800. Interface was USB from PC with J River.  ...
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AKG 3003 Serious FAIL (considering price)


Pros: It's OK

Cons: Poor value

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   1.      Not coherent throughout the audio band: a. Overall neutral, but but but b. What’s up with the peaks in the upper mids/lower treble?* c. Little bit bloated in the bass d. Bass not keeping up with the mids/treble 2.      Little bullet design = comfort/fit that blows monkey chucks 3.      Mid-fi resolution 4.      Aren't IEMs supposed to isolate?   Significant sonic issues indicated in red.     * Pop and rock do not sound good. However your results may be better with classical or music with acoustic instruments.

Too much bass, strident treble


Pros: Kinda of OK - there are much worse out there

Cons: Too much bass, treble is an assault upon my ears

Too much bass, strident treble. I guess it could be worse. Midrange is not bad. It might sound OK straight out of my out of my cheap Android phone which lacks power and sounds kind of muddy.   The treble hurts me. I wouldn't keep them though, even if someone gave them to me for free. I wouldn't give them to my kids either because I don't want to destroy their high frequency hearing.   Really ugly too.
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