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For Those About to Rock, VE Salutes You


Pros: Balanced, energetic sound

Cons: Merely adequate build; Zen needs an amp for best performance

INTRODUCTION As tough as it is for me to admit, earbuds are a dying breed. It seems every year, fewer and fewer manufacturers even bother making open-air earphones (Denon), and when they do, they either focus only on low end models (Panasonic, Philips, Sony, etc.), or they don't release them here in the United States (Audio-Technica, Pioneer, and Sennheiser, just to name a few). Indeed, the focus for headphone manufacturers today is the now ubiquitous canalphone, or in-ear monitor. Despite this trend, many smaller companies, primarily out of Asia and especially out of China, have started making earbuds targeted at the audiophile market. One such company is Venture Electronics (VE),...
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Head-Fi.org › kjk1281 › Reviews by kjk1281