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Loving it so far.


Pros: Energetic and engaging sound. Comfortable.

Cons: Cable routing up over the ears seems strange at first and I wouldn't mind a slightly longer cable.

I've never been an in-ear headphone fan.  Most of what I've heard hasn't had the separation in space and imaging that I enjoy in open airs so much.  I got these this month after seeing some of the deal discussion threads along with a couple other headphones.  (Side note: those threads were dangerous, I almost bought a pair of Audeze LCD2's but now I'm saving for an LCD3s, :)) even worse!   This is a first blush review of the headphones.  They sound much more engaging than the TDK IE800s I just got.  The midrange sounds more captivating, it's neither particularly forward nor dark.  Lots of energy coming off guitar stings.  The seem to image...
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Head-Fi.org › c-record › Reviews by c-record