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Audio Technica AD2000 - The female vocals specialist


Pros: Outstanding soul-stirring midrange, open and airy presentation, tight and fast bass, easily driven

Cons: Light on bass, slight treble roll off, soundstaging problems with many instruments, might be uncomfortable

When a headphone manufacturer releases a flagship, one would expect uncompromising sound quality, exceptional design and extreme comfort. As Audio Technica's current open circumaural top of the range model, the AD2000 comes off as a mixed bag. But it does have a big redeeming feature that has earned it a number of fans, and for this owner, it has charmed him enough to keep it together with the HD800.   It is the midrange which strikes the listener the most, it is a lush, forward midrange that suits female vocals to a T. Whether alto or soprano, Diana Krall or Kiri Te Kanawa, the AD2000 presents female vocals in a very intimate, soul-stirring manner. Female vocalists are not relegated to...
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Head-Fi.org › kchew › Reviews by kchew