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Love them!


Pros: Soundstage, deep bass, lush mids, smooth highs, comfort

Cons: hmmm...they are IEMs and not HD650's? Stock tips are just WRONG.

What's not to love about these?  Ok ok...they're French.  Fine.    There's not a whole lot I can add to what has come before, but... These very much remind me of my HD650's, minus the openness of presentation.  I don't find them muddy or congested, just a tad on the warmer/darker side of things, which I love.  Ample and suprisingly visceral bass isn't something I was expecting from a 3xBA, but it's there in spades.  Midrange to my ears is slightly accentuated but in a pleasing way.  Highs are clean and slightly rolled off.  Lovers of Sennheiser's house sound should love these.  AKG fans, not so much. These are the polar...
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Head-Fi.org › Golden Monkey › Reviews by Golden Monkey